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Wednesday, 30 May 2018 16:19

Using Images in Social Media - Part Two

In Part One we looked at the reasons why the right images are so important for your social media profile. In Part Two we will be looking at what factors make up the perfect social media image from making an impact to size specifications. The ideal social media image will be:



As we mentioned in Part One audiences today are skimming through their social media feeds more and more rapidly, so a well-placed and striking image will help to break up your news feed grabbing their attention. Important points to remember are:

  • You need a bold focal point, something that draws the eye and doesn’t get lost in a sea of content.
  • Your image needs to be crisp and clear if it is blurry or stretched out it will look unprofessional and you won’t get your point across.
  • Be different! Your brand is unique to you and by thinking outside the box with your images you can build your brand identity.



Think about your target audience and who they are? Whether it’s your current customer base or people you are trying to entice over to your brand, you need to make sure you are posting images that are relevant to them and their interests. For example, if your target audience is teenagers you will want to avoid images of families with young children and focus more on current trends.



Part of creating a successful brand identity online is ensuring consistency across your social media platforms. Your images need to be recognisable across the board and portray the same brand message, this recognition over different platforms will give your brand more staying power. When ensuring consistency, you will need to remember to use the same:

  • Colours
  • Fonts
  • Personality


The Right Size

Now you have the perfect image there is one last thing to think about, size! The one size fits all approach won’t cut it here, you will need to tailor your images to each social media platform. We view Facebook and Twitter in a column with the pictures set beneath the text, therefore ideally you want a landscape image to make the most of the space. This is in stark contrast to Google+ and Pinterest which are viewed as a sort of grid with longer vertical images. Instagram is also viewed as a grid, but the images are a trademark square. Most importantly make sure your customers can see ALL the image!

Remember image is king! By ensuring your images are striking, relevant, consistent and to the right scale, you will be able to stand out and place yourself ahead of the competition by attracting the right customers attention, inspiring loyalty by building your brand and looking slick and professional.

For more information on this subject or if you have any questions. Drop us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 020 7293 0667 and we will help you out.


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In the first of this two-part series on social media images we will be outlining why a really great image can make or break your company's social media profile!

In recent years social media platforms have been bringing images to the forefront of our social media feeds, therefore using the right images to promote your business is more important than ever. With Facebook and Google + becoming much more image orientated, and Twitter’s images being brought in to focus, it is no surprise to learn that using the right images will increase engagement with your post and help people build a personal connection with your brand.  The right images will:

Grab Your Reader’s Attention

Great images on your social media feed will automatically draw your audience’s attention to your business and help to promote your products or services. The human brain can recognise a familiar object in under 13 milliseconds, an important fact to consider when you think about how quickly we scroll through our social media feeds! Today’s audiences are experiencing content overload which is causing them to skim over information far quicker than they did a few years ago. By using images, especially clear and colourful ones, your posts will stand out and your brand will be remembered. 




Encourage Engagement

Using the right images across your social media platforms will generate more likes, shares and comments than a post with just simple text would. In fact, a social media post that is accompanied by a photo is 10 times more likely to receive the engagement you need, it is also more likely to cause your post to go viral. This is because the right image helps your customer understand your products and what your brand is about and therefore encourage them engage with you and want to share your post with their friends.



Evoke Emotion

The emotional response evoked by social media images is sparked through our susceptibility to skilled visual storytelling. The right images will bring out strong emotional responses such a joy or excitement in your audience and this in turn can be used to project your brand culture and personality. By creating an emotional response in your audience, you can forge a connection with the customer and cement brand loyalty. 




So are you convinced? Are you now wondering what makes a great social media image? Check out Part 2 where we will be outlining how to make your images work for you.


Have any questions? Drop us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 020 7293 0667 and we will help you out.

Published in Online Marketing