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How your restaurant can benefit from Google Plus

How your restaurant can benefit from Google Plus

How your restaurant can benefit from Google Plus
It's essential for businesses to have a strong social media strategy and while many successfully promote their business on Facebook and Twitter, few restaurant owners make the most of what Google Plus has to offer.

Google has been the number one search engine in the world for over ten years and with the introduction of Google Plus in 2011, they looked to finally crack the social world.

Although it has proven difficult to build large followings and get high engagement, it is possible to attract new customers, interact with existing customers and raise the profile of your restaurant effectively with a strong strategy. Here are some ways your restaurant can benefit from Google Plus:

1. Set up business listings

It's essential to set your restaurant up on Google My Business, which is Google Plus's most important feature for businesses.

This will increase your search visibility and also allow potential customers to locate you on Google Maps as well as providing them with a phone number and a link to your restaurant's website. Business listings will be a crucial part of your online presence for years to come.

2. Engage with other people's content

A good way to start growing your following is to engage with content other people have posted first. This will improve your visibility and attract people to your restaurant's Google Plus page.

3. Join Communities and begin networking

Use some of Google Plus's many communities to connect with potential new customers. You can even create a food-based community of your own to attract new followers.

4. Share content of your own

There is no limit to the number of pictures, videos and blog posts you can share on Google Plus. A lot of restaurants post images of new dishes and special offers to attract more custom. But be sure not to post too often as it can frustrate people.

5. Broadcast hangouts

Google Plus Hangouts is one of the platform's most popular tools and it allows businesses and celebrities to connect with their followers more intimately than by just sharing pictures and blog posts.

6. Use Circles

Google Plus Circles are a way to create subsets of people you're connected to and share selectively with them. This can be particularly helpful when you wish to separate your restaurant's customers from business partners and any influencers you may follow.

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