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Why SEO is Crucial for Online Businesses?

Why SEO is Crucial for Online Businesses?

Gone are the days, when launching a business website was all you needed, to dominate the digital world. From 1 website in 1991 to nearly 1 billion sites in 2014, competition over the web is growing rapidly. The competition is so fierce that no matter how good your products and services may be, if your business is not visible in the top SERPs for your industry relevant keyword searches, it will never be able to grow and thrive online. For this reason and more, Search Engine Optimisation is crucial!

Let’s take a deeper dive to discover more reasons why SEO is crucial for your business success:

1. If you’re not in the Top Searches, You’re nowhere

A study conducted by Chitika showed that the top listing in Google’s organic search results receives 33 percent of the search engine traffic, the site listed second receives about 18 percent of the traffic and it then goes down further. Another research showed that online shoppers prefer browsing through the first 2 pages of search engine results before they make their purchase decision.

Now, if your site is not listed in the top searches, you’ll be losing a large chunk of your potential customers to your competition. The only way you can turn things around and grab a spot in the top searches is through search engine optimization.

2. Improve Lead Generation

Search Engine Optimisation helps improve target lead generation to your business website. By optimising your website on industry relevant and popular keywords, you can easily increase your target leads and simultaneously lower your bounce rate.

3. Drastically Improve Your Conversion Rate

Using the right SEO techniques, you will able to increase your site conversion rate, since you will be attracting target customers.

4. Grow Your Business Profits

Sales from online-shopping are expected to hit $370 billion in 2017. You can only tap into this opportunity if you are visible to your customers online. For this, Search Engine Optimisation is vital.

Why Should You Consider SEO While Developing Your Business Website?

Besides off-page SEO strategies like link building and social media marketing, your business can benefit greatly if you have a search-engine friendly web design. If your website is in the development phase or if you are thinking of redesigning it, make sure your new website design includes SEO elements based on the stats discussed below:

  • Organic search is the largest driver of web traffic and revenue generator for sites in most industry sectors
  • About 75% of the online-shoppers buy from sites listed on the first page. They never scroll past that.
  • 61 percent of the searches translate into sales.
  • 70% of the URLs that users click are organic search results.
  • 72 percent of Millennials currently research and shop online
  • Online-retail revenue grew by 11 percent in the 1st quarter of 2014 and by 13 percent in the last quarter
  • Nearly 44 percent of digital shoppers start shopping by using a search engine.
  • Organic searches have a 14.6 percent close rate as compared to 1.7 percent close rate from outbound leads.

The trend of online shopping is growing rapidly. To make sure your potential customers don’t go to your competition, it is crucial that you have a well-rounded and result-driven SEO plan to increase your search engine visibility.