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[EVENT] Achieve Profit Breakthrough

[EVENT] Achieve Profit Breakthrough

Entrepreneurship Made Simple (EMS) runs monthly events by inviting professionals from different backgrounds to give talks on a wide range of topics that are useful to the entrepreneurs. Our first event was successfully held on 28th July and received high praise.

We all believe that a smart entrepreneur is someone who has the ambition to put the great ideas into real action. And a lot of entrepreneurs have encountered a difficult time in the very beginning of their journey. Therefore, we offer a platform for entrepreneurs to meet, learn and share business ideas, experiences, tips, challenges and success stories. We provide opportunities for business networking.

After the summer break in August, we returned with our second event: “Achieve Profit Breakthrough and accelerate business growth”. This time, we had a workshop on “How to create effective landing page to help to drive sales?” and a presentation on “How to design a wealthy financial plan”.

In this digital age, Internet plays an essential role in the business world. It offers the companies an opportunity to reach more clients globally; it also helps entrepreneurs to develop their businesses more efficiently at a relatively low cost. The Internet bridges the gap between traditional business channels and online channels. Nowadays, more and more companies start to take the online website seriously, however, making the best use of the Internet and gaining profit from websites is a big piece of work to be done for a business owner. The objective of the workshop was to give the business owners an introduction and guidance on how to generate more leads and drive more sales to their websites through the use of Landing Page.

There are many aspects to a successful business and having a good control of the cash flow is certainly vitally importance. So we gave a presentation on how to maintain a healthy cash position and sufficient purchasing power in the company.

So our second event, as was the first, was held at Rockstar Hubs (near Bank station) on 22th September. The door opened at 6:00pm for participants to register and was given the opportunity to get to know each other before the main events. It was a relaxing and pleasant start to the evening.

We kick-started the show by welcoming the delegates and gave a quick run-down of the evening ahead. The audiences were quite excited and looking forward to an action-packed evening ahead, not to mention the chance to taste some delicious sushi provided by our sponsor Yuhoki restaurant .

First session kicked off was the workshop on “How to create an effective landing page for the purpose of driving sales”. A quick warm-up exercise was given to the delegates who were split into groups of three. The groups got into a lively discussion pretty quickly and answers were shared.

We went through some very successful websites that made good examples in business practice. By learning from the high-profit making websites, we apply the same principles to our own business practice. We then focused on the marketing campaign that was also a critical issue raised by many business owners: “…after the preparation stage of a campaign, it is important to have an outstanding landing page, it even determines the result of your campaign…” We gave an introduction on the landing page, and from that, we elaborated methods of driving sales through online websites.

Knowing that a lot of people cannot tell the difference between a Landing Page and Home page of a website, we went on to point out the main difference between them. Moreover, we introduced an essential element of landing page — “call to action” button, and how to utilize it to increase conversion on the website.

During the workshop session, participants had heated discussions concerning the topic covered. One of the participants raised a question: can a home page be a landing page at the same time? Some other participants also expressed the same confusion. We explained that, when it comes to the marketing campaign, there should be a clear distinction between home page and landing page. While in other circumstances, the principle used on the landing page can be applied to the website home page as well. After that, audiences had discussions in groups about their own opinions and reflections upon the topic.

Do you have any queries about Landing Page or website in general? If so, feel free to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The next session was a presentation by Hannah from Xceptional Consultancy on “How to design a personalized financial plan to better control financial expenses”. She covered the topic of payment period, cash flow management, and the ways to maximize tax breaks.

The section that followed “Elevator Pitch” was the highlight of the event in some ways, especially for those who were planning to stand in front of the audience and gave a brief (2 minute) but passionate talk about their favorite subject: their own business. Those that did the pitches drew much attention of the night and connected with the audience with their stories.

So, do you want to do an Elevator Pitch so that you can tell the world about how great your business is? If so, sign up for a 2-minute talk in our next event.

After the elevator pitch session, we handed out the evaluation form to the participants. This is important for us as we care a great deal about what the delegates really think about the event so that we can do even better next time. The result showed that, we got a high mark of the presentations and workshops; also, participants were quite satisfied with the event. Some people raised questions about tax and web design and we plan to cover these topics in our future events.

In last hour was devoted to Networking and of course sampling the classic and tasty Japanese food provided by Yuhoki Japanese restaurant, with a glass of wine. All delegates mingled and had an enjoyable time, sharing stories of successes and struggles, problems and ideas, many them exchanged contact details and longing for further communication.

Also noteworthy is that, at the end of the event, we offered free review appointments for all entrepreneurs. Delegates were offered a 30 min free consultation with Hostudio on any matters regarding website design or online presence. Many took up the offer and signed up.

Hostudio is happy to offer valuable advice, especially to those who want to make improvements on their online presence and performance. Feel free to contact us on 020 7293 0667, or drop us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We are always here to help.

The aim of Entrepreneurship Made Simple (EMS) is to help Entrepreneurs (especially Startups) to know more about business planning, Internet marketing and lead generation. We have successfully held two events in the last two months; some of our members found business inspirations during the events and made connections with other entrepreneurs. We hope that these connections will be the start of a long lasting relationship. Most of the participants marked our event as a “must-go”. Join us if you are an entrepreneur, our monthly event will be a perfect opportunity to make breakthroughs for you and your business.

Finally, Hostudio would like to take this opportunity to give our deepest appreciation to all the participants, and utmost gratitude to Xceptional Consultancy for the presentation on Personalised Financial Plan and to Yuhoki Japanese restaurant for providing the delicious Sushi.

We all look forward to the next EMS event. We hope to see you all there again!