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How to use your Social Media Sites to Provide Great Customer Service?

How to use your Social Media Sites to Provide Great Customer Service?

Have a problem with a brand or product? The first thing many of us (62% in fact) do is take to social media to demand response and resolution. This is because social media sites provide a direct line from company to consumer, giving consumers a chance to ask questions and voice concerns where they will definitely be heard. Now don’t panic the benefits of this direct line goes both ways, by having direct access to your consumers and their feedback both positive and negative you have the opportunity to develop your brand and update your customer service strategy. Now with 67% of consumers going online to engage brands on customer service issues if your customer service strategy doesn’t involve social media, it needs to. But never fear, in this blog, we will be looking at everything you need to know about using your social media sites to provide great customer service.


Introducing Social Media to your Customer Service Strategy


Bringing social media into your existing customer service strategy doesn’t have to be hard work, there are simply a few main points you need to include.

Build Relationships

To make the most of your social media sites you will need to focus on building relationships with your customers rather than just selling to them (this has benefits far outside just customer service). If you have built relationships with your consumers, they are more likely to address a query or problem to your business rather than just leaving negative feedback. You should also be aiming to build a consumer advocate base, by creating good relationships and providing great customer service you will build a loyal fan base that will defend you against negative feedback online.

Be Present

In order to provide the best customer service through your social media sites, you need to ensure you have a consistent social media presence and respond to any feedback as quickly and comprehensively as possible. Be aware that not all comments will be made out for your attention, so you will need to monitor your social media sites for any mention of your brand, this can be done using programmes such as Hootsuite or Buffer.


By creating brand specific hashtags for your business, it will make it easier for consumers to direct their feedback straight to you and for you to respond to their enquiry. Hashtags can also be helpful if you have a specific problem you want to help customers with, a specific product or website fault for example. You can add information and accurate content for your hashtags as well, adding another level of information you can provide.

Don’t be a Robot

Your customers want to know that their feedback has been read and listened to, how you respond to their feedback is vital to ensuring they feel this way. Mirroring you customers feedback is a great way to demonstrate that you have read and understood their comments and using their name and signing off with yours (or initials) will also help to make you seem like a human voice.

By including social media into your customer service strategy, you will help to grow your brand's reputation as well as ensure your customers get the most out of their pro