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How to Convert your Social Media Audience into Customers!

How to Convert your Social Media Audience into Customers!

As we all know social media is a fantastic marketing tool, it allows you to promote your brand, products or services to a wide and receptive audience. However, a stumbling block that many businesses come across when using social media is how to convert those likes and follows into in the flesh (or online) paying customers. In order to convert your social media audience, they primarily need to be able to trust you and to see that your products match their lifestyle. In this blog, we will be looking at how to achieve this and convert your social media audience into customers.


Identify Your Audience

By identifying your target audience, you are of course identifying your customer base. Most businesses will have a general idea of who they are marketing their products to? For example, male, 18-30 and based in the UK. However, to really capitalise on your audience you need to think in more detail about your potential customers, what are their shopping habits, hobbies where exactly do they live, where do they go out? If you identify these details, then you can pinpoint the very best way to target them and show how your products will fit into their lifestyle. Therefore, attracting and engaging with a social media audience that is much more likely to actually buy your products.


Design Your Strategy

Once you have identified your perfect audience you need to use that information to develop your marketing strategy in order to reach said audience. Start out by thinking what social media sites your desired audience is most likely to use, you will want to focus on 1-3 platforms, no more. Then you need to think about what type of content are your audience most likely to relate to? If your audience is into a healthy lifestyle, for example, you will want to be posting healthy eating guides and using bright fresh images.

However, to design the best marketing strategy for your business you need to consider not only your audience profile but also where your strengths lie. If words are your thing then you’ll be wanting to focus on blogs and quick witty Instagram captions but if your more conformable speaking, think about Facebook Live and YouTube. Also, think about your products, if you are a restaurant, for example, you will be relying on the more visual aspects of social media.


Deliver a Call to Action

You can have the best content in the world but if you don’t provide your audience with a call to action then they will never know what you need from them. Call to Actions such as like if you agree or tagging a friend are perfect for getting your brand out there but in terms of conversion you need to think more direct. ‘Visit our website for more details’ is a great one to use or providing a discount code for people to use in-store or online, gives your audience an incentive to become your customers.


Be Consistent

In order to convert your audience into your customers, they need to trust your products are the right choice for them. In order to gain this trust, you need to be a stable and consistent presence on their social media feeds or they will disregard or forget you. By ensuring your content is consistent in terms of appearance and theme as well as consistent across all your social media platforms helps build a solid image of you in the minds of your audience. If they recognise and trust you, they will buy from you.


Simple but effective these steps will allow you to build the trust of your audience and show them that your products match with their lifestyle and are right for them. By doing this you will really see your conversion rate soar!