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Top Social Media Image Tools

Top Social Media Image Tools

The rise of image-centric social media sites like Instagram and Pinterest has meant that all social media sites have had to follow suit or be left in the dust, Twitter and Facebook are now just as governed by images as all the rest. Social media posts with images are now receiving 313% more engagement on Twitter and 130% more on Facebook than posts without. This change means that even small businesses need to be on top of their social media image game or risk losing out. Thankfully there are lots of great tools out there to help and in this blog, we will be looking at some great free options to help get you started.

Social media image tools can help you create a wide range of images suitable for whatever industry you may be in, so we have divided our list into 4 main categories:

  • Design for Beginners
  • Simple Quotes
  • Informative Infographics
  • A Little Extra


Design for Beginners

Image design sites allow you to design anything from menus to seasonal greetings and are perfect for creating sleek simple designs with minimal work.

  • Canva – Free with optional upgrades (starting from $12.95pm)

This is certainly one of the most adaptable social media image tools and can be used to create just about anything. Even the free plan gives you access to great stock images, allows you to upload your own images and choose from a great array of templates. The pre-set social media sizes are also fantastic for beginners and the drag and drop interface is really user-friendly. When you're done just download or share the image straight to social media.

Simple Quotes

Quotes can be a great way to engage with your audience on social media and if you can customise them to fit your business they are great subliminal advertising! It is worth noting that Canva is also really good for creating customised quotes.

  • Pablo – Free

Created by Buffer, Pablo is simple to use and a pretty versatile social media image tool. Choose from a wide variety of templates and beautiful stock photos then adapt them by adding your quote and changing the filters and fonts to suit you. Like with Canva, Pablo also provides pre-set image sizes for social media and allows you to add your own branding with your logo or company graphics. However, if you're looking for more styled designs rather than photographs your better off using Canva or other free sites such as Recite.

Informative Infographics

Infographics are a great way to condense information into easily digestible social media posts, but on the face of it look impossible to create but never fear there are great social media image tools for this too!

  • Easel.ly – Free with optional upgrades (starting from $3 pm)

The clue is in the name with this social media image tool, it creates infographics simply and easily from a range of templates. All you need to do is pick a template and fill in the facts, images or data you need and you're ready to go. Template choices are limited on the free plan but there are still plenty to choose from, especially if you're new to the game! Once you have your template if you want to personalise it further you can change colours, backgrounds and fonts and really make it your own. If your needs are a little more basic you can always try a site like Infogram which specifically creates graphs and charts, like Easel.ly it has a free basic package.



A Little Extra

If you want to take your social media game up a notch you could also turn your hand to some of the more popular social media phenomena’s like GIFs or memes to add a more fun, relaxed feel to your social media posts.

  • imgflip- Free

Creating memes is super easy, either choose or upload an image and then add your text. The only hard part is getting that meme to go viral!

  • Giphy - Free

Not only a great place to find ready-made GIFs but also great for creating them! All you need to do is upload a series of image or short video clip, add your text and your away.


Free and easy to boot, with such fantastic social media image tools at your disposal there is no excuse to not get creating.