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Using Images in Social Media - Part One

Using Images in Social Media - Part One

In the first of this two-part series on social media images we will be outlining why a really great image can make or break your company's social media profile!

In recent years social media platforms have been bringing images to the forefront of our social media feeds, therefore using the right images to promote your business is more important than ever. With Facebook and Google + becoming much more image orientated, and Twitter’s images being brought in to focus, it is no surprise to learn that using the right images will increase engagement with your post and help people build a personal connection with your brand.  The right images will:

Grab Your Reader’s Attention

Great images on your social media feed will automatically draw your audience’s attention to your business and help to promote your products or services. The human brain can recognise a familiar object in under 13 milliseconds, an important fact to consider when you think about how quickly we scroll through our social media feeds! Today’s audiences are experiencing content overload which is causing them to skim over information far quicker than they did a few years ago. By using images, especially clear and colourful ones, your posts will stand out and your brand will be remembered. 




Encourage Engagement

Using the right images across your social media platforms will generate more likes, shares and comments than a post with just simple text would. In fact, a social media post that is accompanied by a photo is 10 times more likely to receive the engagement you need, it is also more likely to cause your post to go viral. This is because the right image helps your customer understand your products and what your brand is about and therefore encourage them engage with you and want to share your post with their friends.



Evoke Emotion

The emotional response evoked by social media images is sparked through our susceptibility to skilled visual storytelling. The right images will bring out strong emotional responses such a joy or excitement in your audience and this in turn can be used to project your brand culture and personality. By creating an emotional response in your audience, you can forge a connection with the customer and cement brand loyalty. 




So are you convinced? Are you now wondering what makes a great social media image? Check out Part 2 where we will be outlining how to make your images work for you.


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