How we do

The Effective Roadmap to Ensure Success

Phase image 1 Meet, Know, and Understand

The meeting is where we sit together with our clients to find the answers to the most crucial questions that provide us a clear idea of the requirements. The questions concern your business, your competitors, your customers, as well as your goals. Throughout the meeting, we ensure friendly and open conversation as it is crucial for understanding what the clients want, what they need, and what they expect.

Phase image 2 Strategize, Design, and Discuss

Merging client’s needs, requirements, and expectations, we layout an initial blueprint of the solution that fulfils all three aspects. To remove the possibility of any ambiguity and confusion, a mock-up is created to see if we are on the same page as our clients. The mockup draws a clear picture of how the website will look like and how it will work. It is then reviewed by the client and further discussions are carried out regarding any changes if needed. The design is then improved as per the analysis and discussion. Once we have an approval of the mockup, we start developing a website based on that design.

Phase image 3 Implementation and Improvement

In this phase, we populate the website with content and make sure it is ready to go live. Our team works diligently to make sure the website performs smoothly without any bug or issues. Various tests including browser testing, mobile device testing, and user experience testing are conducted to assure quality. Changes are incorporated to improve and optimize the performance if required.

Phase image 4 Launch and Track

The performance optimization process continues all the way beyond the launch of the website. We keep track the website performance. During the initial six months, our team will proactively troubleshoot and resolve technical issues or any other problem that might hinder the user experience.

Phase image 5 Support

At Hostudio, we stand by your side even after the website is successfully up and performing. Our team will provide complete support and services to ensure your absolute satisfaction.

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