Privacy and Cookies Policy

At Hostudio, providing complete protection to the privacy of the website users is our foremost priority. The following privacy policy is thereby intended to help users understand the terms of the policy in place to ensure that the information shared with is safe and secure.

Users are strongly advised to go through these policies before using any of the websites features. Use of the website automatically establishes user’s consent to the practices and policies regarding the use of information as stated in the policy.


Data Protection

Information provided by site users is held securely in compliance with the DPA (Data Protection Act) of 1998. No data or information is passed on, disclosed or shared with third parties. This website is hosted on a reliable and robust cloud server by a leading web hosting service provider.


Means of Information Collection

This website gathers information from users in the following two ways:

1. Feedback Provided

Feedback submitted by site users about the website via the contact form submission or email is collected solely for the purpose of making the website perform better. This information will not be used to make any kind of contact to the user in the future.

2. Website Usage Tracking

This website collects information via the use of cookies in order to improve the website usage experience. Cookies are small data files that are temporarily saved on user’s device in order to quickly identify the device the next time user accesses the website through it. Cookies help store user-preferences as well as record session-information like pages visited and past activity on the site. The preferences are used improve subsequent experience with the website.

Please note, cookies do not pose any disk-space concerns and that they expire within 30 to 365 days. Users reserve the right to accept or reject cookies on the website through browser settings.


Google Analytics

Hostudio also use Google Analytics to gather information on how visitors use the website. This analytical tool stores the information about what pages users visit; how long do they visit and what pages are visited the most. This information enables us to meet users’ needs and expectations.



Hostudio makes no representation, assurance or warranty regarding the accuracy and completeness of the material and content on this website. The company or its employees, representatives, agents, and affiliates, shall not be, in any case, held liable for injury or damage of any kind that may result from the use of our website.