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As the proud owner of a thriving restaurant business, you’ll be aware that how you come across to your potential customers is half the battle of getting them through the door – getting people to enjoy good food is all about good communication, after all! Nothing encourages visitors like word of mouth, a great public front, and some seriously enticing behind the scenes work, so here are some of our top tips for utilising social media to improve your hospitality business.

Share yourselves!

Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest, use your social platform to let people know what you’re offering them. Whether it’s great décor, delicious food, a fun cocktail menu, the best offers in town, or the world’s best-trained staff, shout about it. The competition is stiff and people like to find out quickly and easily what they can enjoy, so keep it short and use pictures to really sell your story.

Be personable

Creating a friendly image is great to attract new customers, so show yourselves as human. Social media is a great way to introduce your staff and show off what they’re doing that day. Let people know what they can expect and when – for example, if your head chef is trying out some inventive starters, let your customer base know what they can have and from who.

Draw them in

A successful way to attract customers is to offer them something for nothing – everyone loves a freebie, after all! Running a simple competition like ‘caption this photo for a free iced coffee’ will make you seem generous, fun, and will get people sharing your brand. Free marketing is surprisingly easy to acquire just by giving a small something away! The most popular time to post on sites such as Facebook is at the weekend, around midday, so factor this is when generating interest.

Attract the right people

Have a think about who you think you’re trying to get involved with your hospitality business, and how you can benefit them using social media. If the majority of your customers are 18-25s, what would they like to see? This also works the other way round too – who don’t you see coming in as much and how can you try and get them involved? By sharing information that’s relevant to a specific group of people you can largely expand your following. For example, perhaps the over 40s crowd might like to know that you’re holding a jazz night, or your 18-25s may be keen to find out you are trialling a new milkshake flavour.

Having a seamless online presence throughout social media and your main sight is integral in the modern day to creating a solid brand, and it also allows you to interact one-on-one with your customers which is a great business tool. Contact us today to find out how we can help you handle your online persona and generate new business with a few simple steps forward.

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