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Make the most of Instagram: a guide to restaurant marketing

Make the most of Instagram: a guide to restaurant marketing

Visual content marketing is huge in the food business – we’ve all felt our stomachs start to rumble and our mouths begin to water at the sight of a particularly well photographed dish. It shouldn't come as a surprise that Instagram can be an excellent marketing tool for restaurants. We've put together some top tips for making the most of it.

Highlight your partnerships

It’s been said that the 8th P of the marketing mix is partnering, and it offers some truly excellent opportunities for Instagram users. If you can partner with an Instagram influencer, that’s great. If not, consider who your partners are in the real world and have a look for them on Instagram. Promote your suppliers, and encourage them to support you in return. Breweries, for example, tend to have a great understanding of how best to portray themselves on social media, so don’t miss the opportunity to tag them and interact with them. If you provide catering for events, post images from the events to show what you contribute to, and tag the venue, and others involved in the event management process. If you get it right, everyone wins.

Focus on your audience

While suppliers are absolutely essential to any catering business, it could be argued that your most important partners are your customers. There are a number of companies on Instagram which do an excellent job of focusing on their audience – check out GoPro and Sharpie for great examples of how this can be done. You could even crowdsource photos for your menu from Instagram, as done by New York’s Comodo restaurant. Just ask participants to use a specific hashtag when they upload your photos, and you’re sure to end up with lots of gorgeous photos.

Share great video content

Instagram is not just for sharing photos – it’s also great for sharing short videos. The video editing process is simplified, ensuring that anyone who can work a smartphone can produce great looking content for Instagram. Give your followers a glimpse into the workings of your kitchen, or show off fun aspects of your company culture.

Make the most of hashtags

Use the Explore feature to keep an eye on trending hashtags. If you can see a way to link trending tags to your brand, jump on it! Posting in a timely manner can be a great opportunity to raise brand awareness, and to encourage consumers to engage with your company online.

Instagram is, after all, a social media, and if you aren’t capitalising on the social element, you aren’t using it to its full potential. Comment on content posted by other brands and individuals, and reply to users who interact with your images. Engagement is essential! If you'd like help with social media marketing for your restaurant, don't hesitate to give us a call.

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